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Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

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Off-Day Tide-Me-Overs

MLB's schedule-makers — who may be a bunch of rats pressing levers in the dark, if Memorial Day is any indication — have started the second round of interleague play with a small slate: The Braves are playing the Angels, while the Phillies got stuck playing the lone lame NL-only game and got beat by the D'Backs. I'm not a math expert (Math is hard!) but our division being what it is, I assume the Phils are now in last and would have been in first if they'd won, with the Braves facing a similar Door No. 1/Door No. 2 choice.

Anyway, the rest of the NL Beast is off (just as well for us — it's raining pretty Biblically right now), so here are some links to get us through the off-day:

* Joel Sherman of the Post has a nice article on Runnin' Reyes, though I gasped, threw salt over my shoulder and knocked on wood till my knuckles were bloody when he called JR the role model for staying healthy. (The crowd hid its collective face last night when Jose hit the brakes after his guaranteed triple turned into a ground-rule double, sensing a pulled hammy there would be typical Reyes buzzard's luck.) It's a nice mix of good writing about things we knew (recreating Jose's 11-pitch at-bat against Schmidt, which juiced the fans nicely) and good reporting unearthing things we didn't know (Willie wasn't pleased that Jose kept fouling off pitches that weren't balls).

* Newsday's Ken Davidoff covers a lot of ground, including the booing of The Beleaguered Kaz Matsui, Met fans getting ahead of themselves and Randolph's curious double-switch. (More about that in a minute.) Though he undermines the Easy-on-Kaz case by noting that TBKM swung at an eye-high pitch with the bases loaded and a 3-and-2 count, killing our 8th-inning rally and leaving us with too far to go in the ninth. “Nearly all of these Mets should be given some slack,” he writes, then adds: “All right, maybe not Matsui.” Ouch.

* Kaz wouldn't have been pinch-hitting at all in the 8th if Willie hadn't double-switched out David Wright, something I totally missed in the upper deck and had to rely on the Bergen Record's J.P. Pelzman to explain. I'm glad I missed this. It would have made me really surly.

* Ricardo Gonzalez at hella cool site MetsGeek was kind enough to include us in a Mets bloggers roundtable.

* Matthew Cerrone at hella cool site Metsblog passes along a report that Eddie Guardado could be on the block, with Omar looking for a left-handed reliever. Yes yes y'all, is what I'm thinking.

Pedro and Roy Oswalt square off tomorrow night. Baseball like it oughta be!

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