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We're Number…What?

All right! Huge win! [1] Wow! After all that baseball and all those runs, that must mean we're…

…right where we started when Sunday began.

How boring. If we had swept the Giants, we would've moved into a first-place tie. If we had been swept (heaven forefend), we would've dropped to last. And if we didn't beat the Cubs while the Pirates won that makeup game against San Diego — Whoops! 1973 flashback in effect. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, we're no longer a game behind Atlanta. Instead we're a game behind Washington. And we're no longer a half-game ahead of Philadelphia. We're a half-game ahead of Florida. And we're no longer tied for third with Florida. No, we're tied for third with Philadelphia.

The key is tied for third, a game out of first, ending Sunday the same as we commenced it, except maybe a little older, a little wiser, a lot tireder, my head at least as stuffy as it was 24 hours earlier.

But never mind me. Tell me about your day, dear.