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Kaz and Effect

MetsGeek has a very nice examination of Kaz Matsui's Mets career by Damien Heath. Very nice as in “thorough, well-argued and persuasive,” or even very nice as in “wicked intimidating with all those acronyms and sabermetric thingamabobs.” Not very nice if you were hoping that newfangled stats might reveal TBKM isn't as bad as conventional stats show, or as he looks on the tube most every night.

There aren't stats to measure the fact that TBKM seems like a good guy who's trying hard, might be hurt and could use some love from the home stands — there are only the statistical measures trying to summarize how he's doing between those ol' white lines. I'm a wannabe new-stats guy trapped in the body of an old-stats dinosaur, so I only wish I understood half this stuff. But I am bright enough to grasp the essential, inescapable and unwelcome conclusion: Kaz is, well, bad [1].