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Digging Their Own Graves

Well, this is the least worried I'll have been about being in last place in June in my baseball life. That's something.

Nice of Manny Aybar to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt which of our bad relief pitchers should turn into a shameful memory once the i's and t's get dotted and crossed on Danny Graves' contract. Though while we're at it, I vote for turning Mike DeJean into Steve Colyer. Or into anybody who isn't Mike DeJean. (Am I violating my own warning about Not Player X Syndrome [1]? Maybe. I dunno, I have trouble believing your average Triple-A schmoe can't do what DeJean does.)

Last night I fell asleep while Glavine was tearing through the Astros like a combine, then woke up just in time to see Ausmus break his oh-for-forever streak and doom us. Tonight it just seemed like I'd been asleep: One moment Ishii was hellacious, the next moment he was helpless.

I suppose, as you've noted before, this is what .500 teams do. It's like a bad shower: Would you like blasts of hot and cold to alternate, or would you rather stand under lukewarm water for the duration?

How Vlad hit that ball is beyond me. Let alone how he hit it into right-center.

That's all I got, partner. I'm going off to sulk [2].