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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of 1969. He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Contact him here.

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Keep Hope Alive! Keep Hope Alive! Oh, Never Mind

The Good News

1. There is no way we lose tonight.

2. Kaz Matsui placed on the DL. His bruised knee is suddenly serious. His bats, on the other hand, have been blissfully bruise-free for months. (Rimshot.)

3. Mike DeJean released. Hopefully we also set fire to his personal effects. Let us never, ever speak of him again.

The Bad News

1. Mister Koo takes DeJean's place on the roster. Minaya said we'd need left-handed relief against the Phillies, Yankees and Nationals. Well, yeah, Koo is left-handed.

2. Gerald Williams recalled. Yes, Gerald Williams. Gerald Williams, the embodiment of the complete and utter pointlessness of the 2004 Mets. Gerald Williams, living monument to the blinkered, Taliban-level conservatism of baseball front offices. Gerald Williams, who cannot possibly mean anything to the future of this baseball team. Gerald Williams.

Are they trying to torment us? I no longer claim to have the slightest use for Matsui, and I know Keppinger's hurt, but I could name 16 to 20 outfielders from the farm system I'd rather see than Gerald Williams.

I take it back. There is a way we can lose tonight. Quite an accomplishment, Omar.

Pissy Next-Day Addendum: Ice got the call, says Omar, because Valent wasn't doing too well and because Ice is a defensive replacement, can be used to pinch-run and has “experience in the clubhouse.”

Oh, c'mon. I'm a believer in clubhouse chemistry — I think Pedro has been a major upgrade over Cliquemaster Al off the field as well as on it — but this is ridiculous. Lenny Harris was a great clubhouse guy. So was Mo Vaughn. It didn't help much — winning on the field would do a lot more to make a happy clubhouse than the warm feeling everyone might get from the sight of Gerald Williams. (And if the idea is to tutor Victor Diaz, I'm all for it — sounds like a fine project for summer nights in Norfolk.)

Can Gerald Williams (.223 AVG, pathetic .273 OBP, one steal at AAA) possibly be the best on-the-field answer? What about Ron Calloway (.359 OBP, 12 steals), who might possibly have a future as a fourth outfielder, as opposed to the Iceman. What about Prentice Redman? Angel Pagan? What about nearly anybody else? What on earth were they thinking?

3 comments to Keep Hope Alive! Keep Hope Alive! Oh, Never Mind

  • Anonymous

    Gerald Williams..when I heard the news on WFAN at 4PM…I was driving the car alone…I must have said the name Gerald Williams about twenty consecutive times..first in astonishment, then amazement, then incredulity, then total disbelif…then back to astonishment….well you get the point…for as many times as I worked and re-worked that name, which conjures up so many cruel memories, no matter how I tried, I couldnt find a rendition that stopped my head from shaking and my mind from utter disbelief…ya gotta be kiddin'

  • Anonymous

    Wait, everyone…let's take a minute and be positive about this. Williams has been a keystone voice in this society for over a decade now. Some may say he's exploitive, but I really don't think that's possible at this point. After all, he's been battling MS, and if the Mets want to take a chance on him, he deserves nothing but the love and support of Mets fans. And who knows? Maybe the guy can still play a little ball.
    What? Oh…Gerald Williams? I thought you said Montel…

  • Anonymous

    Angel Pagan. I wouldn't mind that at all. No, not one bit. If your team can't be good, they might as well be as easy on the eyes as possible. Looks is about all this team has going for it right now. “How do you expect us to win ballgames, with our good looks?” Why, yes. Yes I do. What else ya got?
    “Experience in the clubhouse”? I suppose that means he knows how to change between uniform and street clothes without hurting himself? Good for him. We could use such mad skillz in the clubhouse. If he can play cards or cut hair, all the better.