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Trade Talk


Gary Sheffield for Mike Cameron is the hot rumor, advanced here [1] by Joel Sherman of the Post and here [2] by Bob Klapisch in the Bergen Record.

The two accounts differ on other players: Klapisch says Cairo would be going back to the Bronx and that the Mets would want financial relief; Sherman just notes additional players. The money: Sheffield is due $13 million this year and next, much of it deferred, while Cammy makes $6 million this year and next with a $7 million option in 2007.

If it's Cameron and Cairo for Sheffield and some money back, I say do it. Sheffield's a Yankee and can be a jerk, but man, he's a monster — slide him in there between Beltran and Floyd and that is one scary order. He's 36, not a great defensive outfielder, and has a history of injuries, but he also has a history of playing through those injuries, and defensively it ain't like he's Victor Diaz. Plus I imagine with Sheff in the lineup Willie would have a reason to rearrange things, such as by finally moving Wright up to the #2 hole.

Cameron's a nice player and has looked good this year, but Sheffield's such a clear upgrade at the plate that I'd take the dropoff defensively. As for Cairo, he's a valuable reserve but not much more than that — I wouldn't scuttle a deal over him. This would give us a real chance to win now, without scuttling our long-term plans. Would it help the Yankees? Absolutely. But derailing a potential pennant-winning trade over Schadenfreude seems awfully self-destructive to me.