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Because the Ninth Belongs to Looper

Because the ninth belongs to us [1]

Hey, Braden Looper isn't permanently damaged by his world-ending implosion Sunday night. All saves aren't created equal, but all saves have their place in the course of a season, and it's good to see Loop ain't dead yet.

Maybe we are, maybe we aren't, but there was fun today. Pedro as ever. Jose was three times the fun with another triple. Woody had the lumber at bat and didn't splinter when playing first. Carlos rediscovered his missing tool and stole two bags in the same inning. Let's just say we do OK against the Phillies, having taken two of three in two consecutive series against them and four of six in other configurations early in the season.

We don't see them again until very late August, so it's probably OK to mention this: Bobby Abreu didn't bother us at all.

There. I said it. DUCK!

That's all right. He's got lots of talented, scary friends. And there are still teams in Miami and Washington with the ability to hurt us. But you say Abreu, I say boo.

I'm a big man when the best player in the division is suddenly two months away from reappearing in our shaky midst.