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(In)Action at a Distance

8:40 pm: Child safely in bed, lie down in own bed for a minute. Ah, bed. Bed good. Nice bed.

8:41 pm: Decide to rest eyes. Vaguely aware as consciousness departs that game is in an hour. No manner. Will wake up in time or soon after. Besides, Mets did quite well in first two games with blogger slumbering through first third of game.


Wake up with start. Check clock.

2:15 am: Whoa! Uh-oh! Did we win? Must go to computer.

2:16 am: Gmail shows 4 unread messages. Seems like a lot. Did we lose horribly? Seems likely. Alternately, did Pedro pitch a no-hitter? If so, would I be horribly disappointed to have slept through it? Tell myself that I'd still be happy and am being a bad, selfish fan, even while knowing I'd be crushed.

2:17 am: Open email from co-blogger. Its subject line is “First-Guess Reiterated.” Mysterious. It's from 11:59 pm. Hmmm, that's during the game. Second graf begins “Heilman? Why Heilman? Why Heilman for a second night in a row?” Uh-oh. Home run by Chad Tracy then lamented. Uh-oh redux.

2:18 am: Flip over to Yahoo Sports. Mets 3, D-Backs 1 [1]. Huh.

2:19 am: Ponder mystery that what I do 2,000 miles away does not, in fact, affect what baseball team does. Who knew?