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Roll Me Away

Took a look down a westbound road

Right away I made my choice

Headed out to my big two-wheeler

I was tired of my own voice [1]

Is it here? We've been waiting and waiting. I've screamed. You've screamed. We've all screamed.

Is it here? It sure looks like it, but it's been so long since I've seen one up close that it's hard to tell. It's only ten games and eight wins. Is that enough?

Is it here? Do three series against middling (to be kind) competition add up to what we want it to add up to? Does it matter who else is playing as long as we are prevailing? And what about positioning? Suddenly we have the desirable kind.

Is it here? Does winning behind your best pitcher when he doesn't have his best stuff and you've stopped swinging with tree trunks mean a little more? Does the third baseman making a smart, gutsy throw home that could've easily been a stupid, reckless play qualify as a touchstone because it worked? What about the rightfielder who breached etiquette one night but kept raking the next?

Is it here? Could a bullpen malfunction that only serves to set up better and braver performances from aged and maligned relievers that in turn preserve victory mean something's happening here, and what it is is precisely clear?

Is it here? It must be because I didn't remember to let out a BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! until the top of the second (albeit with our best player [2] at bat so as to compensate for the lateness of the mandatory jeer) and we won anyway. Hell, we swept.

Roll me away. It's here.