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Mets to Wear Turner Field Patch

Atlanta. Turner Field. It's where Mets dreams have been dying for almost a decade. If it doesn't stop this week, we're gonna have to wear commemorative patches next season.

As first reported here Sunday, the New York Mets will indeed wear commemorative patches on the right sleeve of all five versions of their uniform tops next season to mark the accomplishments garnered during their first decade as a visiting team at Atlanta's Turner Field. We have posted a prototype in our photo section.

It is not clear whether those who call the Mets to reserve their Pennant Race Pack — each box seat is priced at $455; a $200-per-seat non-refundable deposit toward a ticket plan purchase for 2006 is required; and there is an option to buy the same seats for all potential 2005 Mets post-season home games — will receive a limited-edition, first-edition patch.

Operators are standing by.

5 comments to Mets to Wear Turner Field Patch

  • Anonymous

    Classic. I think the Mets were right on in using the action shot of Jay Payton there.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a little surprised they didn't opt for the one of him getting thrown out at third. Licensing issues probably.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't it great how the little touches in this most recent series seemed to all be there, apparently only to serve to remind us of the Ghosts of Futility/Humility/Disability Past? The Idiotic Out at Third, The Larry Wayne Crush, The (virtual) Blown Saves In The Ninth And Tenth, The Line Drive Directly At An Infielder (twice), The Impossible Bases Loaded Situation At The End…
    There's more…it's just that I'm going to vomit and kill if I keep thinking about it. Maybe not in that order.

  • Anonymous

    One day, when you sack their castle and drink their wine, it will taste all the sweeter.
    Trust me on this.

  • Anonymous

    Such inspiration. The Fight knows from what he speaks.
    Here's to tearing off the patch in '06.