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Not Undead Yet

I just gandered a glance at today's papers and saw something about how we're going home and there's still time and we're only 5-1/2 out and nobody's pulled away and you never know…

Stop it. Sometimes you do know.

Even if it's just Pedro and the headline writers saying it, why must they do this to us? I realize games have to be played as if something larger is at stake, but just win a game and shut up and win another one. Stop fostering the myth that those crazy Mets are wacky enough to pull this thing off. If you truly wanted to pull this thing off, last week would've been a fabulous time to have started pulling.

I like hope as much as the next Mets fan, but they annihilated mine in Atlanta and entombed it in St. Louis. It's going to take more than one win following six losses to resuscitate hope.

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