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Yeah, He's One of Ours

It's Tom Glavine's chaining day. He's in. He's part of the family.

You don't have to love everybody in your family like he's your nephew David or your brother Mike. But you have to accept those who are your relations. At long last, three years in, I totally and fully recognize that Cousin Tom is a Met. I don't need to see any more DNA evidence, not after Thursday night's 11-strikeout, 2-hit gem that, along with some memorable slugging, clinched us .500 and a 10-game improvement over last year.

Welcome aboard, cuz. Looks like you've already made yourself at home.

The Manchurian Brave has been reassigned. In his stead, we have a future Hall of Famer on our hands with him and at long last I have no compunction about admitting it. Tom Glavine has 275 wins and in this past half-season, I see what puts him a cut above his contemporaries. He has adjusted to the shifting strike zone the way another Tom changed from power to finesse late in his career and it's been a joy and an education to behold. I actually can't wait to watch Tom Glavine pitch for the Mets in 2006.

Geez, I'm gushing like Betty Childs in Revenge of the Nerds. Maybe I am in love with a Brave.

I mean a Met. Definitely a Met.

4 comments to Yeah, He's One of Ours

  • Anonymous

    Funny you should say that. On the day when Jason came to this conclusion weeks ago, I was scanning a Yahoo baseball roundup looking for the Mets score. And I missed it, because the headline was “Glavine heads off Brewers”, or whatever team we were playing at the time. Point is, I saw Glavine and thought Braves, as always.
    Last night, on the other hand, I watched him keep pitching in a situation that makes many starters lose focus, determined to finish the game in the same impressive fashion he's pitched the last few months, and for the first time I thought Met. Not even Eventual Met. Met.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I'm not as nice as you, but for me, Mister Glavine will be a Met whe n he wins a game that helps us get into the post-season. Or, better still, wins for the Mets during the post-season.

  • Anonymous

    if you use that way of thinking, is piazza the only current met?

  • Anonymous

    I'm more willing to accept Pedro as a Met than Glavine. Pedro – also Floyd and Cameron – seem to be enthusiastic. They're certainly giving their all. I hope to see this in Beltran next year, as well.
    You don't see Beltran making nice to his former teams. You don't see this from Pedro, Floyd or Cameron either. I sure hope that the “re-invented” Glavine is the real deal. I hope that in a dream season in 2006, Glavine plays a significant role – and then gets excited about it.
    Until then, I will withhold my affection and trust.
    Besides, Pedro, Cliff and even Carlos stand to be the best Mets ever to play their respective pitchers with those first names. Glavine will NEVER be the Mets best Tom ever.