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Don't Touch That URL!

If you haven't bookmarked Faith and Fear in Flushing [1], do so immediately. Better yet, just set us as your homepage and hit refresh a lot. We wouldn't think of leaving you high and dry for that first painful week of Mets Withdrawal. Our first annual Year-End Spectacular is running Monday, October 3 through Friday, October 7.

What's so spectacular about it? Glad you asked.

MONDAY: The Final Short-Season Awards

TUESDAY: The Long-Season Awards

WEDNESDAY: A Salute to The Two Indispensable Mets

THURSDAY: The Faith and Fear MegaMix

FRIDAY: Flashback Friday 2005

In addition, we'll have post-game thoughts following Sunday's finale, incisive post-season analysis — which isn't likely to go much deeper than YANKEES SUCK!, but you never know — and, as time permits, a good bit of post-whatnot.

The hiatus that will follow the Year-End Spectacular will be as brief as my reminiscences are endless. But it is necessary. Blogware and good health willing, we will have posted here for 190 consecutive days as of October 7. We've beaten DiMaggio but are in danger of getting obsessed with Ripken. You see what Cal's streak did to the Orioles. Everybody can use a day off.

But that day is several days away. The first Metsless week is always the toughest. As you've been here for us, we'll be there for you (clap-clap…CLAP [2]).