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Good Going, Angels

Congratulations, Angels. I hope you enjoy your flight to Chicago. You done good.

Those chants directed at Alex Rodriguez? Turns out they’re…


And who’s not paying off the umpires? Since when is Joe West an exemplar of integrity? Way to go, Country Joe. Somewhere J.C. Martin is howling with delight.

Hold on, there’s a call…

“Hello? Bernie? No, man, no gigs. No, nobody ever wants to hear you play the guitar again.”

Hold on, there’s another call…

“Hello? Moose? No, man, no rings. Check your contract. It was only implied.”

Geez, the phone keeps ringing…

“Hello? Bubba? Is that you? Bubba? Sheff? I can’t hear either one of you. Sorry, but you guys are going to have speak up if you want anyone to hear you.”

There’s a text here from the Unit.

Uh, can’t print it. This is a family blog.

Fax just came in from Howard Rubenstein’s office:

ANAHEIM — New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner is very unhappy with the American League Championship Series schedule.

“Look at this,” said the general partner of the 26-time world champion New York Yankees. “First they expect us to play two games in Chicago and then we’re supposed to come back to California. This is an outrage to the good people of New York who deserve to see their team play in their ballpark…what?…we did?…you sure?…oh, Cashman is so FIRED.”

Somebody’s gotta proofread those hurry-up press releases before they go out. But I guess everything goes out in five where the Yankees are concerned.

Your table is ready, Mr. Torre. Mr. Randolph is already waiting.

No rush. You’ve both got all winter to finish that.

Need a bandwagon for the rest of October? Some helpful hints at Gotham Baseball [1].