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Well Hi Everybody…

Time has come to no longer be an anonymous Met blogger.

OK, as mysteries go this wasn't exactly what happened to Jimmy Hoffa or even whose fingerprints were on the Kazmir-Zambrano trade, because some people actually care about the answers to those questions. But anyway, here goes: I'm Jason Fry, alias Jason, alias half of the Faith and Fear team. The younger, balder, alternately less-hopeful half. The half that can't do math and doesn't think Gil Hodges is a Hall of Famer, though he fears Greg Prince's wrath every time he says so.

Why step forward now? Because of this blog's odd connection to what I do for a living. Faith and Fear began as a project that interested me as a technology columnist: Blogging was all over the news, and I kept finding myself writing about it, but I didn't have any real sense of what it was like day-to-day to write and run a blog. So I decided to try my hand at it, thinking if nothing else I'd get a column out of it. I figured I should write about something I loved, and I was lucky enough to have a good friend who shared my obsession — and who also just happened to be the best writer I've ever encountered. I hoped it would be a fun experiment, and it was. Boy, was it ever. One baseball season later, the experiment has become a big part of my life — one I thought was worth reflecting on. (And hey, I finally did get that column out of it.)

So for those of you coming to us from WSJ.com, thanks for clicking, and welcome. Please take a look around, and I hope the level of Mets obsession Greg and I share isn't too scary. If you like the place, feel free to stay a while — we'll be huddled by the hot stove all winter.

If you're coming to us from the Faith and Fear side, well, you already know the drill. Check out this link [1] to this week's Real Time column if you'd like to know more about how our no-longer-so-little blog started, and what Year One was like behind the scenes.

And that's way more than anyone cared to know about me. Back to our regularly scheduled offseason, already far too much in progress….