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The 19th Pitch of the Inning

This afternoon Minnesota beat Oakland ten to four, Scott Baker bested Joe Kennedy, Michael Cuddyer homered for Minnesota, Mark Ellis for Oakland, so at the moment, the A’s two games behind the Angels in the American League West. Angels play tonight at home against Texas with John Lackey against Kameron Loe after Bartolo Colon picked up his twentieth win last night.

First Angel since Nolan Ryan thirty-one years ago to win twenty games.

Now the three-two to Pierre, hit in the air to centerfield, back a few strides goes Beltran, he’s got it lined up, backpedaling, and he makes the catch and the inning is over.

So Pierre flies to center and Seo works around the one-out double by Andino.

No runs, one hit, one left. Middle of the second now at Shea, Mets one, Marlins one on the WFAN Mets radio network.

Would’ve finished the entire half-inning yesterday [1], but I was suffering from transcribing fatigue, to say nothing of every other kind of fatigue, and had to quit. Say what you will against trading Jae Seo, but he did not work quickly.

As has been noted several times (like here [2], here [3] and by implication here [4]), the broadcasting of Gary Cohen via radio will be sorely missed, but I’m going to put the torch away for now. I heard Tom McCarthy interviewed during the Caravan and he seems like a decent sort, so I’m going to focus my aural energies on getting to know him and wishing him well…for our sake as well as his.

And Mr. Cohen, well, maybe Snigh will surprise and show up on Cablevision sometime between now and the rapture. Someday we’ll be together.