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Thoughts of Clemens Unconditionally Released

What kind of sick mind hatches the idea that Roger Clemens might sign with the Mets, let alone pretends to approve of it?

Guilty. Hope the near-strokes and inner-mouth vomit reported in yesterday's comments section were not fatal and that the second annual Faith and Fear April Fools post was taken in the spirit it was intended.

Not by everybody, I can see:

Clemens? Excuse me? Who the hell wants the Mets to win if that's the Mets? Maybe your entry isn't entirely serious Greg, but I'm a little appalled.

Me too, Jacobs27. The holiday hoax wasn't so much the Mets getting Clemens but the possibility that a meta-Mets fan such as myself could embrace it. I'd like to be holier (or at least Tim Folier) than thou and say, “Me? Clemens? NEVER!” but as much as that would pass a polygraph right now, you stick a guy I can't stomach in a Mets uniform and if he strikes out the side…well, let's just say it's pretty unlikely we'll have to find out where Roger & Me are concerned. But cripes, I did hate Glavine and I root for him now. I hated post-Bonilla I and I rooted for Bonilla II. I hated Coleman and Herr as Cardinals, but when they alit here, I gave them the benefit of the clothes.

Never mind laundry. We root for teams and are sometimes compelled to root for fragments we find objectionable. Yet there do have to be limits.

No Clemens.

No Chipper.

No Jeter.


But if Feliciano doesn't work out — and it wouldn't be the first time — I hear there's an experienced lefty reliever who's available and interested in coming to New York. You know, John Rocker has probably learned his lesson and if Rick Peterson could work with him…


Didn't sit home on a warm Saturday afternoon to watch Mets Weekly? Don't worry, SNY will give you multiple chances to catch the latest installment, featuring the long-awaited Bloggers Roundtable in which yours truly and several blogger buddies exchange tales from the online front. It airs again Sunday night at 7 and 11:30, Monday night at 6:30 and…well, just leave it on SNY and eventually you'll see us.

3 comments to Thoughts of Clemens Unconditionally Released

  • Anonymous

    Picture this, Greg. Mets vs San Diego in the playoffs. Clemens pitching to Piazza in a big spot, and I have to root for Clemens? I honestly don't think I could. May you be forced to spend a day with Vince Coleman, Bobby Bonilla, Robbie Alomar AND Bret Saberhagen just for putting that tought in my mind…

  • Anonymous

    Clemens pitched us into the playoffs? I may have to rethink this whole thing yet again…

  • Anonymous

    Sitting down the left field line and naively shouting encouragement toward Vinny from Queens serves as preventive penance for whatever thoughts I plugged your head with.
    But my apologies for keeping you up nights (one, anyway) with these visions.