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Will Ya Look At Us?

Programming note: SNY's Mets Weekly is scheduled to feature Team FAFIF [1] holding forth on any number of Mets issues this weekend. Tune in and see us there if you can't get enough of us here.

No, they didn't place cameras behind our respective bathroom mirrors while we muttered to ourselves after the 14-inning loss to San Diego (though that would make for quite the reality show). We taped something with them the other day and they say they'll use it unless they have to cut away to the Benny Ayala Windsurfing Pro-Am, live from Waikiki.

Not that we care about being on TV or anything, but Mets Weekly airs at 12:30 pm Saturday; 6:30 pm Saturday; 12:30 am Sunday; 7:00 pm Sunday; 11:30 pm Sunday and intermittently throughout the week. To be on the safe side, just leave your set on SNY, plant yourself on your couch and gaze intently.

I do that most days.