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Better The Duque You Know

El Duque's a Met. Jorge Julio isn't. Trade between Mets and Diamondbacks nets us an ex-Yank icon. Injuries and pennant races make strange bedfellows.

Omar's on SNY explaining that Orlando Hernandez isn't 50 and isn't washed up. He's certainly experienced in big situations. So is Christy Mathewson, but Hernandez is still active. Looked good for the White Sox last postseason, so I'll buy it.

Beats unknown quantities and quantities we shouldn't have gotten to know in the first place. I have to be careful as I tend to think pitchers I've heard of have to be pretty good, but El Duque (we can use his nickname since he's, uh, one of us now) I've seen. He might do us some good. He can't be any worse than Lima or Gonzalez. He's supposed to be better than his 2006 bloated ERA. Aren't we all?

Haven't gleaned whether he'll jump in ahead of Jeremi tomorrow. If not, I'd still throw Heilman out there for one start because it is against the Phillies. But now Aaron's anchored to the pen presumably for the long haul.

Had come to have marginal faith in Julio. Marginal. Glad he won't stick around long enough to smash that to bits. There was a window when Mel Rojas wasn't so bad either. It hardly matters now, but Jorge Julio exceeded expectations here, the expectations being nothing but disaster. Didn't grow an attachment to him, but, you know…good for him.

El Duque's a Met. Good for us?