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We May Live in Interesting Times (Nady Out, Milledge Up)

Nady out an indefinite period for an emergency appendectomy. Coming up from Norfolk, according to WFAN, is Lastings Milledge.

Yes, that Lastings Milledge. The guy we haven't traded so this moment could materialize. Not like this (recover quickly Hawk, we need ya), but here he comes. First Xavier, now the Savior. Except we don't need saving, so we'll see how young Milledge, born in 1985 (!), copes.

(Say, whatever became of Victor Diaz?)

It's dizzying to be a Mets fan these days, isn't it? The Tigers are a great deal of fun thus far and the White Sox are gamely defending their championship when Ozzie Guillen commands them to and the Cardinals are in first place with a new ballpark and the entire N.L. West is finding itself, but are any fans having a wilder and, on all counts, more successful season than us?

Comeback after comeback. Walkoff after walkoff. Character heaped upon Character (that's Upper-Case Character). First place and Lastings, too.

If you have a minute, grab the current New York magazine for an insightful profile of the best team in town (that's not the angle, but it's fun to say). Chris Smith, who does one “the Mets are a strange and wonderful thing” Mets piece per year, traces our surge to superness to the trade for Delgado. He is The Man in and out of the clubhouse, according to the article. Carlos D. may be in a slump, but who would argue the greater point?

It's the June 5 issue of the magazine, the one whose cover story puzzles out what the city might look in the next ten years. My guess is it will have a lot of Mets in it.

7 comments to We May Live in Interesting Times (Nady Out, Milledge Up)

  • Anonymous

    Here's a link to the NY Magazine article:

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Added the link above.

  • Anonymous

    Never mind this Milledge hoo-ha — we signed Mike DiFelice to a minor-league deal! Woo-hoo! We are no longer DiFeliceless!
    Man, between DiFelice, Offerman, Lima and Michael Fucker, I think I'd rather go to the Bronx on Ronan Whatshisname Overemotes Between Every Half-Inning Night than see a Tides game. I mean, add Danny Graves to the roster and you'll have the team I'm no doubt destined see play in Hell for the rest of eternity.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I'd like my signed ball to become an instant collector's item by Milledge making his Major League debut a la Jacobs, I don't think we're quite ready for it. Plus, it might mean we karmically have to trade Milledge at the end of season…
    Speaking of which, I still haven't warmed up to Delgado, for obvious reasons. This slump of his has helped a little, paradoxically. It's also good to see we can win with him batting like the world's most life-like ice sculpture. And unlike Kaz, he will thaw without a doubt.
    So, does this mean Chavez is gonna be our right fielder for the interim?…I never thought I'd be so reassured by that thought…

  • Anonymous

    I choose the Tides game.

  • Anonymous

    Oooh boy, here we go….

  • Anonymous

    Of course you did.
    You've already proven hell doesn't scare you.