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Hush. Shhhh. Don't Say Nothin'.

The Mets beat the Phillies silly [1]! Survived a rain delay before things were official, the short porch and the Satanic ministrations of Angel Hernandez! Thrived under those conditions, even!


The final West Coast swing of the year, a harsh road trip with a jaunt to Philly as a chaser, ends tomorrow and the worst we can do is 8-2!


We're 8 1/2 games ahead of Philadelphia and 12 ahead of Atlanta!

Nuh! Don't say nothin'.

We're 41-23, 18 games over .500!

Bite your tongue.

The only teams to reach 40 wins faster were the 1986 and 1988 squads!

Inside voices, please.

On this trip we've outscored our opponents 73-35 and blasted out 108 hits!

You can whisper. We're right here.

The last time we didn't score in the first? June 6th! I can barely remember June 6th!

Yes. We know. Shhh.


I know. Listen. Hear how quietly I'm talking?


But you can still hear me, right?


OK. Listen. I'm going to say something. The New York Mets are the best baseball team on the planet.


Shhh. No need to shout. Can you say what I just told you? But quietly this time.

No need to —

No, you incredible goof. The thing before that.

Oh. The New York Mets are the best baseball team on the planet.

That's right. Good night.