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Simply Dismayin'

Are we out? Everybody make it onto the bus? Left Massachusetts airspace? Good.


The Red Sox are an awesome team. They remind me of us from a couple of weeks ago, maybe more so. They outpitched us, they outhit us, they Crisply outcaught us and they surely outplayed us. If that's the third-best team in the American League, then I'm steering clear of the Tigers and the White Sox until absolutely necessary, should we somehow be called upon to face them. My cap's off to Boston after a decisive three-game sweep, including the last third that wasn't nearly as close as the 4-2 score [1] would have us think.

So it's a shame that we have to, you know…


And The Wall comes tumblin' down.

Geez, I hope Lastings wasn't just standing there staring at it.


That one seat in right painted red? Well now it's really far away.


Those narrow aisles and those narrow concourses and those narrow streets? Plenty of space now.


There used to be a ballpark there.

Fenway Park 1912-2006.

Rust In Pieces.

Sorry, had to do it. Said it had to go [1] if we didn't win Thursday night, and we didn't win Thursday night. Consider it a public service for Mets fans who couldn't stand to look at Fenway Park ever again. Ninety-four-and-a-half seasons of occasionally glorious [2] history [3] notwithstanding, the last three days were so dismaying that we simply had to dismantle.

What an honor to be the final opponent to dress in the visitors' clubhouse. We'll cherish that memory forever. Just like the Pesky Pole, the Legal Sea Foods clam chowder stand and that ladder that serves no purpose.

Served, I mean. It's not there anymore.


I don't know where the Red Sox will play their home games the rest of this season. The Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds [4]? Braves Field [5] or what's left of it? Pawtucket? Foxboro? Seems a shame that such a good club will have to become a truly regional team now, traveling throughout the six New England states and alighting for a series at a time here and there before taking off for actual road games. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. They had to sweep us, we had to destroy the evidence.

Well, Red Sox Nation is a state of mind, so it won't be that big a deal that we did away with Fenway. It couldn't be allowed to stand, not after what happened there this week. Seems severe, I know, but it no longer served a purpose for the likes of David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and their teammates.

No single ballpark could possibly contain them.