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A Trade for the Worst of All Reasons

Yes, it's true [1]. Xavier Nady's been sent to Pittsburgh for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez. Shame to see Nady go — one would assume Lastings is now on the way back, though his tenure at Norfolk hasn't exactly been sterling. Bert we know. Perez has been putrid this year — but won 12 games a year ago with a sparkling sub-3 ERA and is only 24.

Still, this is a case of the latest news not being the real news: The trade was required because Duaner Sanchez was in a car accident last night after arriving in Miami. The good news from a human perspective: There's no indication he was badly hurt in any kind of beyond-professional way. The awful news from a Met perspective: Separated shoulder, surgery today, done for the year. (Update: Maybe not done for the year. No surgery yet. Fingers and toesies.)



More reaction later, after the cloud of fear lifts or, more likely, remains in place and becomes choking. In the meantime, carry on….