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One of the things I write for the Online Journal is a daily roundup of the Web's best sportswriting called the Daily Fix. (It's co-written by Carl Bialik [1], a great writer, Mets fan and my neighbor in Brooklyn.) This week is the Fix's fifth anniversary, and over at wsj.com Carl and I will be marking the occasion with some retrospective pieces that we hope are only mildly self-indulgent.

The first of them [2] looks back at the biggest sports stories of the Fix's first five years. Nary a Met to be seen, alas, but there are two links within it that I thought might be of interest. The first is my farewell to Ted Williams [3], one of my favorite pieces for the Online Journal. The second is a farewell to Tug McGraw [4] I got some guy to write. Prince of a fellow, you might say.