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Difficult Concept to Grasp

“Lose”? What this thing you call “lose”?

Odd this thing you call “lose”. Feel funny. Not good funny but peculiar funny.

Still not understand “lose”. Mean Mets not win [1]?

Mets always win!

Not understand at all.

See Mets play close game. Mets win close game, yes? Mets always win close game, no?

Met pitcher get in trouble early but then get out. Met pitcher limit damage. Met pitcher then win, no?

Trachsel always get in trouble, Trachsel not necessarily limit damage, Trachsel always win. This pitcher not win? This pitcher not Trachsel?

Met bullpen so solid. Met bullpen pick up win? No win for Met bullpen? But always win for Met bullpen! Except when Trachsel pitch, then win for Trachsel. But no win last night at all?

Still not understand “lose”.

Other team big home run hitter hit big home run other night. Mets win [2].

Other team big home run hitter hit big home run last night. Mets not win?

Mets big home run hitter hit more home run last night. That happen other night. Mets win then [3]. Mets not win now?

Mets fear no one! But Mets not touch Wolf.

Mets fear Wolf? Wolf beat Mets?

Team smile and shake hands at end not Mets?

Division lead not increase? Magic number not decrease?

What this thing you call “lose”? Still not understand!

And not care for in least.