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Hot September, Frozen Roster

It's September 1, so you know what that means. It's the day blogs get to expand their rosters [1]. In preparation for this day, I asked several prospective Faith and Fearers to send me a sample of what they could see themselves writing about the Mets at the beginning of September. I haven't looked at any of them since soliciting them before the season started, so the best way to go about this would be to print the first paragraph from each of them and see if any of them has the insight it takes to cover the daily ups and occasional downs [2] of our powerhouse team on its way to the playoffs.

Here's the first one.

Well, it's September for the Mets and you know what that means. Another lousy season is nearing its end.

No, that's no good. Maybe the next one.

Whatever hopes the Mets had of calling this a good season are about to go down in flames as their annual September swoon takes hold.

That's not gonna do it. Maybe the one after that.

As September gets underway, the only thing there is to look forward to is which minor leaguers get an overdue shot from the Mets. It will be refreshing to see some youngsters play while the struggling veterans sit.

That doesn't apply at all. Fourth time's a charm?

I can't wait to see what deadwood the Mets clear out and who they'll target for acquisition in the offseason. That's what September is for around here, imagining who will be on board next spring and who will be gone after the 162nd game.

Fifth time?

With the Mets hopelessly playing out the string, let's examine what kind of progress we can expect from Eli Manning this fall.

Boy, that's totally inappropriate. Hopefully the next one…

We enter September wondering again where the annual game of managerial and GM musical chairs will take the Mets. Who will Fred Wilpon be introducing in the Diamond Club come October as the next 'savior'?

Or the one after that…

Circle those three dates in the last week of the season, the ones on your pocket schedule, the ones in the white boxes that read ATL. It's where the Mets will go to go down to their annual appointment with disappointment.

Wrong again. I have one more here. If this doesn't work, just forget the whole thing.

Is it just me, or is the race between the Yankees and Red Sox for American League prominence way more interesting than anything the Mets could possibly be involved in?

Wow. I really shouldn't have solicited September blog entries before the season started. Guess we won't be expanding our roster after all.

Preparation is overrated.