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Faith and Fear in Flushing made its debut on Feb. 16, 2005, the brainchild of two longtime friends and lifelong Met fans.

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It's All in the Details

“Let's go Braves!”

Whoa. No, that feels weird. Oh man, are the TBS guys showing something about their trillion consecutive division titles? If I weren't running on the treadmill with headphones on I could hear them…. Oh, who needs to hear them? I'm sure it's something about how Bobby Cox's touch cures measles, scabies and cataracts, turns dead spots in the lawn green, is worth a full year of Baby Einstein tapes to newborns and transforms water into Gatorade. Yeah, that and $2 million will get you like 77 wins.

“C'mon Atlanta!”

Naw. That feels wrong too. What are they doing now? What standings are those? Why the hell aren't we on top of them? Ohhh, it's the wild-card standings. Man is it nice to only take a scholarly interest in those. There's Atlanta down at the bottom. Seven back. Yeah right. Stick a tomahawk in 'em.

“Whoh-oh-ohhhh-wh — ”

Um. Absolutely not.

“Braves! Braves! Braves!”

Yeesh. Oh, look, it's all their pennants panning by. Wow, last year this sight would have filled me with rage while Braden Looper was blowing the same game twice. Even back in May it would have left me swearing and snarling. Now…my God, it's actually relaxing. I'm thinking about champagne. Will Billy jump in Lo Duca's arms? Will it be a blowout that ends with Darren Oliver putting his arms up calmly but proudly? Will Pedro pump a fist after also pitching the first no-hitter in Met history? Will Willie smile? Will he actually grin? Which Met will be the most insane in the celebration? What will the new guys who had nothing to do with it like Ledee and Humber do? Will I feel sorry for Nady? Will I scream? Will it get a little dusty in the room? Wait a minute, that's for another night. Back to business….

“At-a-lan-ta!” [CLAP, CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP!]

Ack. No, I hate the dolphin clap in all situations. It can make a platoon of Navy SEALS sound like a bunch of junior-high cheerleaders. Hey, Francoeur got a hit. That's something. Looks like it's too late for my chosen script of Francoeur leading Atlanta to victory as his three grand slams outweigh Ryan Howard's two grannies and three solo shots. Besides, that's mixing real baseball with fantasy baseball, and the baseball gods don't like that. Still, there's Frenchy and his sub-.300 OBP on first. If I could only find a decent cheer….

“Go, Braves, go! Go, Braves, go!”

Ugh. Man, this is a pretty decent crowd for Atlanta — it's like 1/4 full. Twice this and you'd think it was the playoffs, hee hee. Playoffs! Atlanta! Ho ho ho! OK, a hit for Diaz. There we go. Fuckin' Braves…hey, that's it!


Ahhh. Better. And looky there! That one's gone! I temporarily love you….ummmm….Martin Prado!

5 comments to It's All in the Details

  • Anonymous

    All I'm sure of is that I will not only feel sorry for Nady, but I'll hunt down Cecil effing Wiggins (hopefully he's in PRISON FOR LIFE) and strangle him with my bare hands. That drunken moron has a lot to answer for. A LOT.
    Oh, and you should know better than to think Willie will smile. In Willie's World, there's no smiling in baseball.
    Good post, Jace. Good for many a giggle.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait to see what Greg has cooked up for us in 1 for 1…

  • Anonymous

    I found myself a neato little way to avoid your problemo last night.
    See, I tuned in during the seventh inning and was able, then, to scream at the Bravos and warn them, “You stupid fuckers better not blow this 4-0 lead!”
    Worked like a charm. ;)

  • Anonymous

    omg. the boyfriend was doing this last night.
    “wait. i just cheered for the braves.”
    i think he felt dirty.
    selfishly i sort of don't want them to win tonight because we are heading for PNC Park TOMORROW. i would like to be there when they clinch.
    again, selfishly. i'm going to make sure we have champagne in the house tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they'll clinch tonight…but we're going to Pittsburgh tomorrow,too..
    Section 117 for Sat.
    Section 112 for Sun.