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Last Call for Shirts

Calves are vulnerable body parts this time of year. To guard against absurdly common injuries, why not wrap your right calf in a FAITH AND FEAR t-shirt? In fact, best to swaddle your left calf in one too. That'll only leave your two arms vulnerable. Hmmm. Four shirts might be wise.

Ha ha! Gallows humor, wheeee!

Seriously, if you want a shirt, please email us [1] with how many you want and what sizes. More details here [2]. Sometime in the next day or two we'll get the order out to the t-shirt company and email everyone to confirm, ask for payment (exact amount TBD, but based on the number ordered so far, I'm betting they'll be about $15 delivered) and get mailing addresses.

Seven hours to go. Everybody hang in there. And remember, ya gotta believe.