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Studio 60 Here I Come

Rain, rain wouldn’t go away. Game postponed. They play tomorrow night. Glavine, better rested versus a better rested Weaver or, for all we know, a three-day Carpenter. Maybe La Russa, that genius, will pitch Spiezio.

Got a presser on SNY right now. St. Louis writers say “we” a lot and refer to Cardinal players by first name. One just asked about “Yadier,” as if the questioner were Jose or Bengie.

About these press conferences, here are the questions, generally:

“Were you thinking something I might be thinking when you accomplished that thing on the field?”

“Do you believe what just happened will completely alter the series let alone the course of the Western world?”

“Can you keep from rolling your eyes while I ask something immensely irrelevant?”

Snigh still supposed to have Post Season Live on later. Tim Teufel looks like me in every science class I ever took. Please don’t call on me. Please don’t call on me.

In the meantime, Josh…I mean Danny looks to save the world…I mean a TV show at 10 o’clock tonight on The West Wing…I mean Studio 60.