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After-Thanksgiving Thanks

To sum up Thanksgiving for me, here’s a shot* of me and my lovely wife, on our way to hook up with Greg and Stephanie in the upper, upper, upper, uppermost deck for the Mets’ 4-1 win over the Dodgers [1] on Oct. 5. About two weeks before I’d mourned [2] that Emily and her Dad didn’t get a Met win in one of Emily’s rare 2006 trips to Shea, and hoped the Mets would make it up to her in the postseason. Happily, they did. And I got to see it beside her.

Smaller but still heartfelt thanks to Carl Bialik, my Daily Fix [3] co-writer and Gelf [4] impresario, for snapping the picture.

Funny, we don’t even look nervous.

*Image currently missing following migration of blog to WordPress.