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There’s throwing spaghetti at the wall [1] to see if something sticks. Then there’s throwing spaghetti sauce at the wall, which just makes a mess.

Supposedly we’re signing Chan Ho Park [2].

Chan Ho Park? Really? The epitome of “bad free-agent pitcher signing”? (Hey, before he got hurt, Mike Hampton just looked really expensive.) The signed-sealed-delivered proof that Tom Hicks shouldn’t own a ballclub? The man who gave up two grand slams in one inning? If Chan Ho Park is the answer, I don’t want to know the question.

OK, i already knew the question, and it’s “Do we have enough starting pitching?” But still. I thought the answer was “possibly no,” or “we’ll know by June,” not “let’s sign Chan Ho Park.” It almost makes a Met fan miss Steve Trachsel.

Oh Lord. OK. Deep breaths. Jose Valentin. Endy Chavez. Roberto Hernandez. Darren Oliver. Trust Omar. Trust Omar. Trust Omar.

Gerald Williams. Jeremi Gonzalez. Jose Lima!

ACK! NO! Valentin. Chavez. Hernandez. Oliver. Trustomartrustomartrustomartrustomar….