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It’s Just a Popularity Contest (And We Wanna Be Popular)


Page 109 of the current Sports Illustrated — Baseball Preview issue with Daisuke Matsuzaka on the cover — offers you, the FAFIF reader, a chance to express your choice for the fan site with “the best Mets info”. Since it doesn’t seem to be a sudden-death competition (the above blurb indicates each of us will be “featured” on SI‘s Mets site [1] this season), then this is just for fun.

Then just for fun, vote for your favorite blog [2]. Or, if we’re not it, vote for us. I can’t speak for Jason, but I’ve been waiting all my life just to get on the ballot in a meaningless, unscientific popularity contest.

Whatever the outcome, it’s pretty cool to have opened the mailbox, torn into my favorite magazine, turned to the Mets preview and seen our name pop out. The other ones, too. A blog victory, indeed.

(But seriously, vote for us. I have self-esteem issues.)