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PerChan to Dream

Some of you FAFIF old-timers might recall this post [1], which described a day at a Mets-Cubs game when practically everything seemed surreal. You're in the middle of it and you realize it and you decide there's nothing you can do about it and you just let it ride and see where it takes you.

Well, I am at the tail end of another one of those days. I'm hoping it's done, actually, because it's been extraordinarily weird. As little of it has to do with baseball (save for an unexpected appearance of sorts by everybody's favorite high-rolling, youth-dating catcher [2]), I'll spare you the details. Except for this:

I watched Chan Ho Park mow down the Marlins in the first. I heard him overwhelm them in the second. In the third, Stephanie and I entered a supermarket. When we came out, Stephanie pointed out the full moon above, suggested it was messing with me and I said “that means tonight's the night. Chan Ho Park is going to pitch a no-hitter.”

Then I got in the car and the Mets were down 5-0 in the third. Before we got home it was 7-0.

Finally, normality.