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A Met and a…?

A discussion within a discussion within the enjoyably endless thread that accompanies the post that precedes this one (got that?) hit on the idea of former Blue Jays not working out as Mets, vis-à-vis Carlos Delgado's slump.

Brings to mind one of my favorite mental exercises, name the Met you think of when you think of a Met who was also a member of another specific team.

Rules: No player can be mentioned twice and if you can, go on instinct.


Met and…

NL East

Brave: Greg McMichael

Phillie: Tug McGraw

Marlin: Al Leiter

National: Marlon Anderson

Expo: Gary Carter

NL Central

Astro: Nolan Ryan

Red: Tom Seaver

Cub: Cliff Floyd

Cardinal: Keith Hernandez

Brewer: Jeromy Burnitz

Pirate: Bobby Bonilla

NL West

Giant: Willie Mays

Dodger: Jeff Kent

Padre: Mike Piazza

Rockie: Kaz Matsui

Diamondback: Shawn Green

AL East

Yankee: David Cone

Red Sock: Bobby Ojeda

Oriole: Joe Orsulak

Blue Jay: John Olerud

Devil Ray: Ty Wigginton

AL Central

Indian: Robbie Alomar

Tiger: Tom Veryzer

Royal: Ed Hearn

Twin: Matt Lawton

White Sock: Cleon Jones

AL West

Mariner: Lee Guetterman

Angel: Jim Fregosi

Ranger: Victor Diaz

A: Jay Payton

Those were the ones that leapt to mind for all 30 opponents (counting the Nationals and Expos as different species and acknowledging that Tom Veryzer is a strange choice). If you are so inclined, can you, without looking any up, contribute 30 other Mets who also played for the 30 franchises in question?

27 comments to A Met and a…?

  • Anonymous

    Greg, very proud of you for going with Ty Wigginton over another former Met/current D-Ray who brings us a little angst at every mention.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, but that current Ray was never actually a Met. A Met farmhand, a Met prospect, a Met opportunity squandered…but never a Met. Ditto for Jason Bay of the Pirates and Steve Renko of the Expos, to name two.
    Gotta have been one of the 812 to play for the New York Mets. Kazmir wouldn't kount.

  • Anonymous

    Duly noted! Gotta change my entry…

  • Anonymous

    NL East
    Brave: Mike Hampton
    Phillie: Lenny Dykstra
    Marlin: Paul LoDuca
    National: Endy Chavez
    Expo: Pedro Martinez
    NL Central
    Astro: Mike Scott
    Red: John Franco
    Cub: Dave Kingman
    Cardinal: Jason Isringhausen
    Brewer: Glendon Rusch
    Pirate: Xavier Nady
    NL West
    Giant: Kevin Mitchell
    Dodger: Hideo Nomo
    Padre: Kevin McReynolds
    Rockie: Benny Agbayani
    Diamondback: Tony Clark
    AL East
    Yankee: Dwight Gooden
    Red Sock: Calvin Schiraldi
    Oriole: Melvin Mora
    Blue Jay: Mookie Wilson
    Devil Ray: Victor Zambrano (ugh)
    AL Central
    Indian: Keith Hernandez
    Tiger: Howard Johnson
    Royal: Gregg Jeffries
    Twin: Rick Aguilera
    White Sock: Lance Johnson
    AL West
    Mariner: Armando Benitez
    Angel: Mo Vaughn
    Ranger: Lenny Randle
    A: Ron Darling

  • Anonymous

    The Mariner was surprisingly tough – I had to scratch Armando from my Oriole entry.

  • Anonymous

    Expo: Cliff Floyd
    Phillie: Dennis Cook
    National: Alex Escobar
    Brave: Julio Franco
    Marlin: Mike Jacobs
    Astro: Dan Wheeler
    Red: David Weathers
    Cub: Howard Johnson
    Brewer: Fernando Vina
    Cardinal: Jorge Sosa
    Pirate: Oliver Perez
    Dodger: Darryl Strawberry
    Giant: Jeff Kent
    Padre: Kevin Mitchell
    Rockie: Darryl Hamilton
    Diamondback: Jorge Julio
    Red Sock: Pedro Martinez
    Devil Ray: Jay Tyner
    Blue Jay: Tony Fernandez
    Oriole: Eddie Murray
    Yankee: Armando Benitez
    White Sock: Lance Johnson
    Indian: Roberto Hernandez
    Twin: Rick Reed
    Tiger: Kenny Rogers
    Royal: Brian McRae
    Mariner: Carl Everett
    Athletic: Jason Isringhausen
    Angel: Alex Ochoa
    Ranger: Darren Oliver

  • Anonymous

    Jorge Sosa, a Met and a Cardinal…my mouth hangs open in awe.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I didn't look at anyone else's, and had to cheat with Tampa Bay after I put Kazmir and realized that he doesn't count:
    Braves: Paul Byrd
    Phils: Turk Wendell
    Marlins: Mike Piazza
    Nats: Endy Chavez
    Expos: Pedro Martinez
    Astros: Beltran
    Reds: Dave Williams
    Cubs: Brian McCrae
    Cards: Joe McEwing
    Brewers: Bill Pulsipher (runner up, thought of at same time: Glendon Rusch)
    Pirates: Xavier Nady
    Giants: Armando
    Dodgers: Lo Duca
    Padres: Heath Bell
    Rockies: Hideo Nomo
    D'Backs: Jorge Julio
    Yanks: Ricky Ledee
    Red Sox: Calvin Schiraldi
    O's: Mike Bordick
    Jays: Delgado
    D'Rays: Gerald Williams (cheating)
    Indians: Guillermo Mota
    Tigers: Damion Easley
    Royals: Ambiorix Burgos
    Twins: Jason Tyner
    M's: Olerud
    Angels: Darren Oliver
    Rangers: Kenny Rogers i think?
    A's: Izzy

  • Anonymous

    It's hard to do anything here but stare at “Marlins: Mike Piazza” and remain in awe.

  • Anonymous

    Dammit. Everybody took all mine.
    ATL: Todd Pratt
    PHI: Ricky Otero
    FLA: Henry Owens
    MON/WAS: Rusty Staub
    STL: Joe McEwing
    PIT: Moises Alou
    CIN: Doug Flynn
    HOU: Kevin Bass
    CHI: Don Zimmer
    LA: Alejandro Pena
    SD: Craig Shipley
    COL: Darren Bragg
    SF: Mark Dewey
    666: Phil Lombardi
    BOS: John Valentin
    BAL: Tony Tarasco
    TOR: Ryan Thompson
    TB: Jeremi Gonzalez
    DET: Walt Terrell
    CWS: Dave Gallagher
    KC: Clint Hurdle
    CLE: Jerry DiPoto
    MIN: Frank Viola
    LAA: Hubie Brooks
    OAK: Ed Charles
    TEX: Chan Ho Park
    SEA: Dave Roberts

  • Anonymous

    Haha. 5 games baby. I really do associate Piazza with the Marlins, because when we got him I was so damn excited. And I think it was exactly 9 years ago TODAY.

  • Anonymous

    For McEwing sub … hmm. Ron Hunt!

  • Anonymous

    One NatSpo…acceptable. But no Snake?

  • Anonymous

    Now that you mention it, it is nine years since Mike Piazza stopped being a Marlin. Seems like…no, it seems like nine years.

  • Anonymous

    And thank you for the proper acronym for NYY.

  • Anonymous

    Brave: Tyler Yates
    Phillie: Rico Brogna
    Marlin: Guillermo Mota
    National: Pedro Astacio
    Expo: Mel Rojas
    Astro: John Hudek
    Red: Danny Graves
    Cub: Mark Guthrie
    Cardinal: Braden Looper
    Brewer: Jeff D'amico
    Pirate: Ollie Perez
    Giant: Shawn Estes
    Dodger: Chan Ho Park
    Padre: Mike Cameron
    Rockie: Brian Bohanon
    Diamondback: Armando Reynoso
    Yankee: Jose Vizcaino
    Red Sock: Manny Alexander
    Oriole: Tony Torasco
    Blue Jay: Ricky Henderson
    Devil Ray: Steve Trachsel
    Indian: Keith Hernandez
    Tiger: Damion Easley
    Royal: Ruben Gotay
    Twin: Brian Buchanon
    White Sock: Robin Ventura
    Mariner: Rey Sanchez
    Angel: Alex Ochoa
    Ranger: Richard Hidalgo
    A: Billy Taylor

  • Anonymous

    Cameron to Bohanon to Buchanan…nice.

  • Anonymous

    Mon/DC Mike Jorgensen
    Atl George Stone
    Phl Del Unser
    Pit Tim Foli
    Chi Jim Hickman
    Hou Ken Boswell
    Cin Pat Zacary
    LA Tim Leary
    SF Ray Sadeki
    SD Chris Cannazaro ?
    No AL please!

  • Anonymous

    Reaching back a bit AND dissing the junior circuit. Way to go!

  • Anonymous

    D'oh. Jorge Fabregas, the dullest interview ever.

  • Anonymous

    May I just add:
    Cubs: Shawon Dunston
    Padres: Bobby Jones (either)

  • Anonymous

    NL East
    Brave: Felix Millan
    Phillie: Del Unser
    Marlin: Mike Jacobs
    National: Marlon Anderson
    Expo: Pepe Mangual
    NL Central
    Astro: Jerry Grote
    Red: Pat Zachry
    Cub: Richie Ashburn
    Cardinal: Jerry Morales
    Brewer: Dwight Bernard
    Pirate: Don Bosch
    NL West
    Giant: Dave Marshall
    Dodger: Roger Craig
    Padre: Tom O'Malley
    Rockie: Juan Acevedo
    Diamondback: Orlando Hernandez
    AL East
    Yankee: Ron Swoboda
    Red Sock: Luis Alvarado
    Oriole: Kris Benson
    Blue Jay: Lee Mazzilli
    Devil Ray: Dwight Gooden
    AL Central
    Indian: Alvaro Espinoza
    Tiger: Rusty Staub
    Royal: Vince Coleman
    Twin: Jerry Koosman
    White Sock: George Foster
    AL West
    Mariner: Wally Backman
    Angel: Ellis Valentine
    Ranger: Manny Alexander
    A: Dave Kningman
    I didn't check for doubles, so if I jumped anybody's shark, a thousand pardons…

  • Anonymous

    I'll play just for a couple of guys.
    Montreal – Joel Youngblood
    Arizona – El Duque

  • Anonymous

    When I weeded out duplicates with prior posts, I had ten left, some who I was surprised to see go unmentioned:
    Astro – Frank Thomas
    Brave – Warren Spahn
    Cardinal – Al Jackson
    Expo – Ron Swoboda
    Mariner – Mackey Sasser
    Angel – Craig Swan
    Indian – Harry Chiti
    Oriole – Hobie Landrith
    Tigers – Mickey Lolich
    Yankee – Marv Throneberry

  • Anonymous

    Oops, overlooked the Swoboda duplicate.

  • Anonymous

    I think you're save with Luis Alvarado.

  • Anonymous

    Harry Chiti of course was an ex-Met while he was a Met…more or less.