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The Mirror Crack'd

I kept thinking of Smoltz's 200th win as the mirror image of Oliver Perez's 36th — he looked dominant for long stretches, acutely vulnerable at other times before wiggling out of trouble, and while he was clearly the star of the game, the outcome remained in doubt until the very end.

Yes, David Wright got fucked on that appeal with the bases loaded. No way was that a swing. But he also got erased later in the game on straight-as-a-string fastballs and a hanging slider from Rafael Soriano, a pitcher who looked in danger of falling asleep.

And oh, that ninth inning. Emily and I amused ourself to no end by making fun of Bob Wickman while hoping we would pound him into submission.

Her: Is his cheek full of chocolate?

Me: I think he's got a Cornish game hen in there.

Oh yes, we were laughing it up. And it looked like we might be laughing last: First Delgado's little poke, then karma finally swinging against Atlanta after eight innings of great infield defense. Can't argue for Gotay bunting the tying run into scoring position. Could argue with Julio Franco, whose considerable contributions to this team can't preclude noting that such contributions are increasingly intangible. Gary noted that Julio's got a lot of experience in this spot; I rather sourly noted that I could walk down to the VFW Hall and find guys with experience storming beaches, but that wouldn't make a repeat a good idea.

And then Jose Jose Jose Jose, our slumping superstar. Not a knock on our heart and soul, just a reflection that everybody slumps at some point in a long season, and it's his turn. With two strikes I noticed that the tying run was on third, Kelly Johnson was far enough out at second to chat with Jeff Francoeur, and Wickman's best chance at fielding a push bunt would be to have his own gravity drag the ball toward him. Could Jose make like Endy? A little push bunt to tie, a steal of second, a bloop by Endy….

Or he could pop out.

12 comments to The Mirror Crack'd

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for some clutch Reyes hits this year, It seems like he's stranded 100 since he went into this slump.
    I comfort myself by telling myself the Mets are still only playing at 75%, 80% tops, while the Braves were maxed out and playing as good as they are going to. It's not quite crunch time yet, and when the Mets go back there as the calendar turns to September, we'll see who has the last laugh.

  • Anonymous

    In contention for most irritating game since Game Seven.
    All the “Smoltz isn't moving well” and “Smoltz took a bad swing and now his hand is bothering him”…shut up already. I'm always hearing excuses for Smoltz against the Mets and he never turns into a pillar of Saltalamacchia. Brian McCann could run out to the mound after every pitch, tuck the ball between Smoltz's chin and neck and Smoltz could let it drop and it would still retire Wright.
    As for Reyes, I wonder (speaking of excuses) if there's anything left over from the hamstring scare because his slumpitude seems to have started right after. Maybe not, because though he isn't paid to hit home runs, he hasn't hit any home runs since very early in the season. Yes, him I wanted bunting more than Gotay. I saw no point in bunting down two runs with none out and runners on first and second last October 19 and I saw no point in doing so May 24.
    And these umpires are the fucking pits. It's not enough to check a swing anymore. You must erase even the inkling that you might want to swing from your mind otherwise be called out by that ear-picking crapfest Larry Young. And that douchebag Mark Carlson, the one who pretended the second baseman didn't flat out flub the other night — get a strike zone you lowlife piece of shit.
    One of our readers suggested I not curse in my posts and I've tried to follow his advice. But he didn't say a thing about the goddamn comments section.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes you just can't help yourself. As the game on Tuesday was beginning, Joshua was in the bath and Jason was doing chores and watching the early bleed. And then came the question I've been waiting for: “Mommy, what does goddammit mean?” Little does the child know that growing up in a house of Mets fans means he will be asking that question about increasingly foul words.

  • Anonymous

    if there's a more aggravating loss this season, i guess i'd already managed to forget about it. or this one just pushed it wayyyyyyy back.
    the reference to game 7 is apt. putting aside everything else that had gone before, you had jose in the box with the tying run on third. A SINGLE TO TIE the braves and go on to win a series at turner. as heroics go, that's a pretty low bar.
    i need to go scream into my pillow again.

  • Anonymous

    Larry Young & Mark Carlson should have at least taken David Wright out for a nice dinner first…
    Or is this a prison movie?

  • Anonymous

    Could Jose make like Endy? A little push bunt to tie, a steal of second, a bloop by Endy….
    I think our dear Jose should take drag bunting lessons from Endy. That was the perfect spot!!
    I already got a Braves fan chewing my ear off today about how the Mets have already dropped all three series to the Braves. I had to promptly remind him who's still in first.
    Le Sigh. On to Miami.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much the only good thing to come out of last night was your comment about a certain massive Brave's gravitational pull, Jason.
    Wickman's best chance at fielding a push bunt would be to have his own gravity drag the ball toward him
    That is classic.
    (Mets fall to 6 and 38 when the Braves score first here…Let's hope Citifield has a similar effect on the Tomahawk Choppers.)

  • Anonymous

    I take back agreeing with Gotay bunting. I have no idea what I was thinking.
    Memo to self: Smoke less crack during late innings.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, imagine an umpiring crew in which Angel Hernandez is only the third worst ump. Shudder.

  • Anonymous

    I have seen into the future.
    Here's what we'll see on on Monday, 8/6:
    Up next
    • Tuesday, 8/7: Braves (Chuck James, 8-8, 4.03) at Mets (Oliver Perez, 12-7, 2.78), 7:10 p.m. ET
    • Wednesday, 8/8: Braves (John Smoltz, 13-5, 2.71) at Mets (Oliver Perez, 13-7, 2.69), 7:10 p.m. ET
    • Thursday, 8/9: Braves (Tim Hudson, 11-6, 2.63) at Mets (Oliver Perez, 14-7, 2.58), 12:10 p.m. ET

    And that's why they call me…NostraDennis

  • Anonymous

    I like our chances.

  • Anonymous

    This ran here exactly two years ago today. Eerie.