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Series Preview

Cardinals at Mets: What to Look For


Horrible flashbacks.

Horrible, haunting flashbacks to Games Two and Seven.

Horrible, haunting flashbacks to a World Series never played.


Regret at opportunity wasted.

Regret at what the flagpole doesn't fly.

Gnawing, burning regret that defies amelioration.


A desire to avenge the darkest night of the soul.

A thirst for vengeance that has built since October 19, 2006.

A calendar-related impotence that has blotted out the chance for anything like true revenge.


Rare and abiding hatred.

Hatred that can never be mollified.

Overwhelming hatred that laps at the shores of rationality.

Mike Maroth (5-2) vs. Jorge Sosa (6-3).

Partly cloudy, 77 degrees.

SNY/WFAN, 7:10 PM.

Life isn't fair.