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Complete Enough Game Win

Great idea this quitting while we're ahead and before lending too much dignity to Anthony Reyes.

Goodness knows Tom Glavine deserves a backdoor win after the dozens we've thrown out the window on his behalf since 2003. I missed the one Cardinal hit that was apparently a close enough call to have made things almost unbearable. Imagine Wright made what I am told was a makeable play. Who would want to spend the rest of our days explaining, “Well, we've never had a no-hitter, but we did sort of have a no-hitter in the rain in 2007 — it didn't count as a no-hitter, but it was a complete game and there were no hits…” No thank you. A six-inning, rain-curtailed no-hitter would not have been enough to send Godot home happy from the Jimmy Qualls Waiting Area.

Not to pour discontent on a soakingly adequate victory, but I have to express the following plea to the cable television channel that broadcasts our team's games:

Enough already with the airing of the Mets Classic of September 21, 2001 as rain delay filler. You're taking the most sacred baseball game in the history of Shea Stadium and treating it as if it's a handy installment of Heartland Poker Tour. The first baseball game in New York after September 11 deserves more respect than that. As does your core audience of Mets fans.

Where's the 1973 World Series film when you need it?

9 comments to Complete Enough Game Win

  • Anonymous

    Well, the guys in the SNY truck could pick it up here for less than the price of three beers at Shea:

  • Anonymous

    I hadn't watched the replay before. I still hold fast that no Mets game from 2001 can be considered a Mets classic though.
    Play some of the good games from last year, or 2000, or really just any year. It's not like anyone's tuning in based on the quality of the classic during a rain delay.
    I enjoyed seeing Matt Lawton, and being glad Reyes is leading off. Of seeing Julio Franco, and laughing at him line into a double-play(although i wish he could still hit it that hard)
    Seeing Ventura and saying 'wow, .240? He had a horrible year'.
    I'd watch a random game from 1995 I guess, and find something to enjoy about it.

  • Anonymous

    I never enjoy seeing Matt Lawton in a Mets uniform. But I love seeing Fonzie and Mike and Robin and Johnny etc. I get sad when I see Ken Caminiti though, because God help me, I loved that dude.

  • Anonymous

    At least they've stopped playing that 1988 division clincher

  • Anonymous

    I was at that Sept. 21 game, and it was amazing, obv. But I want to see the 8th inning HR by Piazza!
    Good win, I'll take the 6 inning affair and run. At least no one in the bullpen was used. We need 7 innings from El Duque tonight and we need for the game to end in 9 innings.
    I'm getting excited for the 4 game set in Philly! I'll be at Sat.'s game. Anyone else going down?

  • Anonymous

    I only got to watch a little of it anyway, before Con Ed took my electricity away. >:-(

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, you never get far enough to actually see the home run. It's very disappointing and a bit disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    Which is why those half-hour World Series films were perfect for these occasions.
    Picking up the “action” with Matt Laughlin's reverent interview of Giuliani was also a bit disturbing. Given Giuliani's current occupation as presidential candidate, it felt like a campaign commercial, especially inserted as it was at the top of the re-re-rebroadcast (considering it wasn't the first thing you saw if you were watching on 9/21/01). If we're treating the airing of this game as a historical document, OK, fine. But just to plop on, in the midst of a baseball time slot on a sports network, several minutes of Heroic Rudy when that's what his whole campaign is based on, well I hope somebody cut a check for that service.

  • Anonymous

    I recorded it when originally appearing on Mets Classics. Too bad the third playoff game in 1969 against Atlanta isn't on video.