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Complete Enough Game Win

Great idea this quitting while we're ahead [1] and before lending too much dignity to Anthony Reyes.

Goodness knows Tom Glavine deserves a backdoor win after the dozens we've thrown out the window on his behalf since 2003. I missed the one Cardinal hit that was apparently a close enough call to have made things almost unbearable. Imagine Wright made what I am told was a makeable play. Who would want to spend the rest of our days explaining, “Well, we've never had a no-hitter, but we did sort of have a no-hitter in the rain in 2007 — it didn't count as a no-hitter, but it was a complete game and there were no hits…” No thank you. A six-inning, rain-curtailed no-hitter would not have been enough to send Godot home happy from the Jimmy Qualls Waiting Area.

Not to pour discontent on a soakingly adequate victory, but I have to express the following plea to the cable television channel that broadcasts our team's games:

Enough already [2] with the airing of the Mets Classic of September 21, 2001 as rain delay filler. You're taking the most sacred baseball game in the history of Shea Stadium and treating it as if it's a handy installment of Heartland Poker Tour. The first baseball game in New York after September 11 deserves more respect than that. As does your core audience of Mets fans.

Where's the 1973 World Series film when you need it?