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Out of the Woods and Into the Rockies

They tried to make me watch the Rockies, I said no, no, no.

Yes they wear black but we didn't come back, I know, know, know.

With apologies to Amy Winehouse (and my choice for single of the decade) and to you, gentle reader, I have little of substance to add to this fine wire-service account of Monday night's Colorado fiasco during which we lost Ollie and often. Perhaps I'm just hung over from all those contests against all those 2006 playoff teams and 2007 playoff contenders to have noticed much. I'll leave it to my partner to embellish my scanty observations if he so chooses. This, by the way, was our in-game exchange:

J: Tonite sux.

G: Hope [a future game] doesn't suck as much as this one does.

As you can see, we really save our best material for each other.

Tom Glavine's one bad apple of a third took place while I was on the horn with a helpful Cablevision customer service representative asking why my MLB package disappears on one TV but not the other, hoping all the while that it would be understood I wanted it to appear on both, not vanish altogether. It was 3-0 when I was instructed to unplug the cable box. It was 6-0 when it, like the Mets' ass, was rebooted.

There's still something glitchy with the package. I eventually got the Dodgers beating the Braves, which I guess counteracts the Rockies beating the Mets and augments the Astros beating the Phillies. I didn't get to see the other West Coast games, which is most of the fun of Extra Innings. I also didn't see the Mets do a damn thing even once I was off the phone with Cablevision.

5 comments to Out of the Woods and Into the Rockies

  • Anonymous

    Great start to the road trip in Philly, but are they going to un-do all that good work by playing like dogs in Colorado? God almighty its time to assert yourselves a little here! Open it up! Place some distance between you and the others…Get it done and really make a statement before the break!

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Amy Winehouse's “F-Me Pumps.”
    I said that about a dozen times last night.

  • Anonymous

    Not much to add. My night:
    1. Walk back from drinks, listening to game. Mets suck.
    2. Wait in new burger place for 20 minutes, listening to game. Mets suck.
    3. Chat with kid's sitter, watching game. Mets suck.
    4. Move downstairs to get some work done, listening to game. Mets suck.
    5. Get caught up, don't move fast enough to avoid hearing “THUHH-UHH-UHH YANKEES WIN!” on the FAN recap.
    6. Curse a lot, turn off radio.
    7. Think about how Mets sucked. Curse some more.

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday would have been a perfect travel day. I, like the Mets, was burnt out from the intensity of the weekend. Went to the mall, flipped on SNY when I got home, watched Glavine labor for that dismal inning, then put in the tape of Kyle XY instead.
    Nice of the division foes to oblige us by sucking, also.

  • Anonymous

    As long as “You Know I'm No Good” doesn't become a theme for this team, I'll be happy.