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Add a 17…for Innings


Bringing the Mets good luck — and the official FAFIF shirt a good look — is Della Ziegler, a.k.a. Mrs. Lonestar Mets, lovely wife of our Texas compadre in blogging [1] Dan. Della and Dan attended last Saturday’s Mets-‘Stros marathon [2] at Minute Maid Park, the one that went on and on and on and on until we beat the Astros at the break of dawn. Carlos made his catch [3] and the Lonestars went home happy (only to return several hours later for the extraordinarily less satisfying Sunday loss [4], but as we all know now, the Mets don’t really get cooking until the 14th on any given night).This makes eight different states and the District of Columbia where Faith and Fear’s shirt has been photographed. Rumor has it a whole other continent is about to come into play. Stay tuned…