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We’ve Joined the Continental League

Ross in the Alps

If it’s Sunday, the FAFIF shirt must be in Switzerland.

Ross Chapman, of the seriously Met-loving Chapmans of Central Jersey, was thoughtful enough to pose for an encore [1] shot of himself wrapped in the retired numbers…in the Alps, where his family spent the All-Star break. I was a little worried that it was kind of cold to be standing around in just a t-shirt, but mom Sharon [2] assured me it was no chillier than a typical July evening at Phone Company Park in San Francisco.

For those of you scoring at home,the recorded photographic history of 37 14 41 42 now covers eight states, the District of Columbia and Europe. If you’re traveling this summer and want to join the fun by sending us a picture of yourself or a loved one in front of a national, international or personal landmark, please email [3] it to faithandfear@gmail.com.

Antarctica anyone?