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Kid, By the Numbers


You know the FAFIF retired numbers t-shirt has made it big when the grand poobah of Mets uniform numerology himself is sporting it at Shea. No, not Charlie Samuels, but our buddy Jon Springer fromĀ Mets By The Numbers [1], one of the greatest Web sites in the history of the world (we are told its core data has gone into the shop for detailing and will emerge all new and glistening in the coming weeks).

Not yet wearing any numbers but definitely making an impact is 14-month-old Ivan Springer, taking in his first afternoon at Shea Stadium last Sunday. How did he like it? We are told that he was a real gamer, at least for the first four innings. Alas, the cumulative effect of a ceremonial flyover on Military Appreciation Day and oodles of cheering Mets fans sent the Springer men to an uncommonly early exit.

The kid’s lifetime record stands at 1 win and 0 losses. He’s got some nice numbers of his own there.