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Learn Baseball With Professor Joshua

Moises Alou has been around for hundreds of years.

A 1-1 count with 1 out is neutral-neutral-neutral.

Carlos Gomez is the best or perhaps just fastest Met.

Ramon Castro hit a triple-decker…no…double-decker home run because it was good for two runs.

The “Jose!” song helps Jose Reyes.

Every baserunner aims to steal the next base in front of him.

We're supposed to yell “CHARGE!” a lot.

Some things I didn't know and a few that I could always use refreshing on all came at me with blinding speed and accuracy today from one Joshua Fry, my seatmate for much of Sunday afternoon's abbreviated win over the Nationals [1]. Joshua, 4 going on 5 (which describes how many innings we needed to beat the rain and Washington), truly knows his stuff.

He knows what a hitter's count is.

He knows what a pitcher's count is.

He knows what fouling off a ball with two strikes means.

He knows we root for three outs only when the other team is up.

He knows that those guys who run onto the basepaths after the third inning are responsible for cleaning the field.

And he really did call David Wright's stolen base in the third. It was uncanny.

A bit of the nomenclature and calculation needs ironing out (in the case of Alou, hundreds and hundreds of years might actually be correct — I mean how much do we really know about the guy?), but otherwise, Joshua already understands baseball and the Mets better than a lot of people who go to Shea Stadium and demonstrate only their cluelessness when they open their mouths. Joshua, on the other hand, knows what he's talking about. And he explains it in detail and with patience and not a little charm. I couldn't possibly imagine where he gets all this from, but he obviously gets it good.

“I'll see you at the next baseball game,” he told Stephanie and me when we parted ways.

Good deal for us.