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Let’s Wear Four!

Dave Wrigley mail

Ernie Banks became famous at Wrigley Field for, among 512 other things, suggesting, “Let’s Play Two!” Dave Murray doubled up on Mr. Cub by heading to the North Side of Chicago on Saturday and wearing four…the four retired Mets numbers featured on the now classic Faith and Fear in Flushing t-shirt.

As Dave recounts at the ever-entertaining Mets Guy in Michigan [1], he encountered a reasonably savvy souvenir shop owner in Wrigleyville who observed:

“OK, I know what the shirt means, but who is No. 14?”

Dave clued him in that it was none other than the manager who bested Leo “No, these were the real Mets” Durocher in 1969, Gil Hodges.

Also wearing 14 that summer and for many summers in Chicago, Ernie Banks.