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Delawarean Splendor

Rehoboth, August 2007 (3)

Greetings from the second smallest state in the Union, an endless plastics and nylon plantation, controlled by giant chemical corporations.

So wrote Joyce Brabner to Harvey Pekar inĀ American Splendor. She was writing from Delaware, where there are apparently no obvious signature landmarks, save for perhaps a stray du Pont family yacht floating toward Maryland, to readily identify it as the home state of Joe Biden, Scott Brunner and Caesar Rodney to name three (the only three I can come up with, actually). We’ll just have to take reader/commenter bmfc1’s word for it that the slice of Atlantic in front of which he shows off the blue FAFIF shirt does indeed lap the shores of the Blue Hen State.

Of course I believe he’s in Delaware. If you were going to make up a state, I imagine you’d make up a much bigger one.