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Armando Benitez Continues to Steal Money

How does Armando Benitez continue to stay employed as a relief pitcher?

It may not matter in the long term as in the race at hand. It may not even matter in the short term for tonight. But how does a manager, in this case Fredi Gonzalez, use Armando Benitez in any kind of competitive baseball situation?

I turn on the Braves and Marlins. Florida's up 3-1 in the eighth. Great, I think. Armando's pitching. Uh-oh. One on. Oh dear. Chipper Larry is at bat. No…


Let's forget the Braves being six games behind the Mets and that the Mets were beating the Phillies and all extraneous matters of self-interest. I just wanna know why, why, WHY Gonzalez would allow a matchup between Benitez and someone who is so FUCKING OBVIOUSLY going to kick his ass?

We could have had this discussion in 2001 (and I would have found a way to have propped up Benitez because I was never one of his dedicated antagonists). But in 2007? When, if I may use exaggeration to make a point, HE ALWAYS FUCKING DOES THIS?

Don't the Marlins get the same scouting reports as everyone else?

ADDENDUM: I'm not too fond of Aaron Rowand either.