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Departed Park, Better Braves

An evening at Miller Park [1] awaits, but Faith and Fear first stops outside to pay homage to dear, departed County Stadium, home to the 1957 World Champion Milwaukee Braves, an outfit that accomplished what the currently located Braves could not manage when called upon: defeat an unsavory New York unit in the World Series. Perhaps it was this ad hoc cross-blessing between our retired numbers and their old Milwaukee glory that positioned the Mets to sweep those deadbeat pretenders in Atlanta the three games that immediately followed. Or maybe we just got good pitching all weekend.

As for the FAFIF shirt, photographed in its dozenth United State (WI joins NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, GA, FL, TX, MI, IL and IA along with DC and Switzerland in showing off The Numbers), it elicited the following exchange with a Miller Park vendor.

“What’s that? The combination to your locker?”
“Casey Stengel, Gil Hodges, Tom Seaver, Jackie Robinson.”
“I figured it was something like that. I wouldn’t know because I’m not a Mets fan.”
“That’s why I’m here, to spread the gospel.”

We met many fine folks during our brief stay in eastern Wisconsin, but I have to ask…do people in the Midwest really reveal their locker combinations on their clothes?