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One Reason To Have Faith

Brian Lawrence has been DFA'd. Best transaction agate since Chan Ho Park was invited for a long walk off that short pier. It doesn't compare to the hypothetical unconditional release of Guillermo Mota into the Pine Barrens (one can dream), but it's nice to see somebody get scapegoated when scapegoating is clearly called for.

It's easy pickin's to pick on the emergency starter du jour, yet there was no good reason that this failed experiment in pitching was a) called back up after the New Orleans season ended and b) handed the ball at a time of year when there are all kinds of arms floating around the organization (such as the left one belonging to Dave Williams, whose entire body has been brought up in Lawrence's place).

Brian Lawrence: 29 innings, 43 hits, 6.83 ERA. Good night, funny man.