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It Just Hit Me

I realized something maybe a half-hour ago. I can live without these Mets making the playoffs. But I can't (or, more accurately, desperately don't want to) live with these Mets missing the playoffs. Do you understand the delineation? Not winning is fine. They not-win plenty. But to become synonymous with this sort of finish, to become “the 2007 Mets” for all time, to become the universal reference point for every late-season slide/choke…no, I can't stand for that. I just can't.

So c'mon Pedro! You've pitched several significant games as a Met, but you've never been asked to pitch a must-win game for us. This is must-must-MUST-win, tonight. For all the magic [1] we like to ascribe to you and for all the vibes [2] we like to derive from you, it comes down to pitching like Pedro Martinez. Like you have three times this month. Like you did so long and so well so that this organization had to sign you for its own good.

You I Gotta [3] Believe in. Save us from ourselves, would you?

Just watch the clubhouse floor there. I hear it can get slippery.