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Hell is for Front Runners

Two people who deserve a smoldering afterlife:

This clown [1] who works for the Daily News. No, not Filip Bondy, but a copy editor who last week not only said he was giving up on being a Mets fan but would be switching over to another local team because they're such winners. Wonder who his new team is today.

And this clown [2] who writes Op-Ed sports pieces for the Times every few months swearing off or allegiance to the Yankees based on how they're doing. In May, when they struggled, she said she was through [3] with them. Later, when they were doing well, she said she was back in love [4] with them. As of Sunday, they were all right with her. One assumes she's fallen hard for the Cowboys since last night. (I particularly like that she had to be informed by a Royals fan that you root for your team, win or, heaven forefend, lose.)

Adam Sommers and Jane Heller…this year's Worst Persons in the World!